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Want a Mistress to serve tonight? Text the inquiry NOW 0420667055

Posted: Thu. Sep. 27 00:54:53 2018

Want a session then text me to book. It’s all about mental fuckery, humiliation, and emasculation maybe some tease and denial... depends on my mood and how beta you are!

You are a cuck, a beta and you deserve no ass. Your place is as a toilet scrubber. Scrub the bathroom clean, fund me and pay the bills, and be a good cuckold.

Melbourbe cuckoldress available for in person and long distance sessions

Sessions are CUSTOMISABLE! We talk about your interests prior, and it’s domination upon entry!!! Yes mistrsss is the only pjrwass u want to hear
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Probably the hottest domme on here, so don’t hesitate ❤️